After being murdered by Liu Bei, I went crazy in Cao Ying.

After being murdered by Liu Bei, I went crazy in Cao Ying.


97 Chapters Ongoing Status


Reborn in the Three Kingdoms, Li Yu helped Liu Bei conquer Xuzhou, but he ended up being killed by a cunning rabbit and being cooked by a lackey.

By some mistake, he entered Cao's camp by mistake and awakened his enlightenment-defying system.

From then on, Cao Ying gained a fierce military advisor.

[Read Su Wen, realize the Five Elements Technique, and suddenly understand the Bajiquan! 】

[Watch Dian Wei playing with a halberd, learn the nine moves of the double halberd, and understand the eighteen moves of the Tianlong Halberd! 】

[Communicate with Lu Bu’s daughter, learn the inch fist, and discover the unknown swordsmanship! 】

Li Yu angrily rode on Dian Wei and fought furiously against Lu Bu.

In the Battle of Guandu, Li Yu killed Yan Liang and beheaded Wen Chou.

In the Battle of Chibi, Li Yu defeated Jiangdong.

Many years later, the world was unified, and Li Yu killed the big-eared thief.

When talking about Li Yu, the Prime Minister of the Wei Dynasty, everyone had their own opinions.

Cheng Yu: "I never refute Li Wufeng's suggestions. He goes first every time!"

Xiahou Dun: "Li Wufeng only did three things in his life, riding Dian Wei, torturing Lu Bu, and beating Liu Bei!"

Jia Xu: "Which fool asked Li Yu to be the military advisor back then? Was it the lord?...It's okay, I'm a fool!"

This book is also called: "Obviously my understanding is against the will of heaven, but Cao Cao insists on me becoming a military advisor"


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