Conan: I'm definitely a blackmailer!

Conan: I'm definitely a blackmailer!


502 Chapters Ongoing Status


As a flower gardener rabbit, what should you do if you are reborn in the world of Conan and become a member of the winery?

Ye Fei, codenamed Brandy, said: Except for Conan, the god of death who "brought harm" to Sakura Country, he must live, and no one else will be saved. It's pure blackness to the end!

Brandy: Gin, give me a Wuzhi! (Let me shoot a god's toilet for fun!);

Belmod, do you want to know how old I am? Come to my room at night;

Boss wants to know the secret of eternal life? I know but don’t tell!

Ye Fei: It turns out you are a student from Kudo, but your combat effectiveness is still zero;

Haibara-san, don’t be afraid! Big brother protects you;

Maori-san, a person who can leave his girlfriend behind is definitely not reliable!

Gin: Brandy, although occasionally abominable mysticism, is absolutely believable!

Belmode: Brandy, mix it?

Haihara Ai: Ye Fei is a very handsome and reliable person; Brandy is simply a devil!


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