Copy for All: Starting from the Heaven-defying Comprehension

Copy for All: Starting from the Heaven-defying Comprehension


389 Chapters Ongoing Status


A hundred years ago, Blue Star underwent tremendous changes, the Dark Abyss invaded, countless abyssal monsters fell from the sky, and the entire Blue Star was in danger!

At the critical moment, the copy space arrives, giving mankind a chance to breathe!

Ye Qing, who traveled through time, discovered that many of the copies here were various novels, animations, movies, etc. that he had read in his previous life!

He originally thought that after entering the dungeon world, his biggest advantage would be knowing the plot.

Unexpectedly, when he got the secret book of the exercises, he realized that his understanding seemed to be a billion points stronger!

Practice basic exercises, understand the innate breathing method, exhale and inhale, condense the innate true energy, and start directly from the innate!

Practice the Qingfeng Sword Technique and understand the Storm Sword Technique. With one sword move, the storm will fall, and you will master the true meaning of the wind!

Practice the Baiyun Sword Technique, comprehend the Cloud-turning Sword Technique, turn over clouds and rain with one sword, and grasp the true meaning of the clouds!

Practice the eight-step cicada walking technique, and realize that shrinking the ground into an inch, taking a step a hundred feet, and arriving in an instant!


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