Eat the frozen fruit and my undead will upgrade to a mythical beast

Eat the frozen fruit and my undead will upgrade to a mythical beast


105 Chapters Ongoing Status


In a world where everyone changes jobs, the beast master is the most respected!

On the professional awakening day, Lin Ran became the most rubbish branch among beast masters, the undead beast master!

It is said that undead beast masters are weak and useless, and skeletons and zombies have no qualifications for growth and are destined to become cannon fodder?

Fortunately, Lin Ran awakened the beast control synthesis system——

In the first lottery, I won an S-level prop, [Frozen Fruit]!

[Skeleton Warrior] [Frozen Fruit], combined into a god-level beast – the Cold Hell King!

In the second lottery, I won an S-level prop, [Ancestral Dragon Jade Seal]!

[Zombie Warrior] [Ancestral Dragon Jade Seal], synthesized into a god-level beast to control – the Ancestral Zombie Emperor Zombie!

When Pikachu’s Skin God tail feathers are combined with the skill “Bone Arrow”, and when the Shaolin secret book “Golden Bell” is combined with the skill “Bone Shield”, all god-level skills are maxed out!

Undead creatures that are just rubbish are all transformed into mythical beasts!

The Lich King, the Abyss Bone Dragon, the first blood king at the end of the long river of blood… When the undead army comes in force, even the gods in the nine heavens will tremble!

Who said that the undead beast master is garbage! ?


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