Everyone: The summons are all legends, I lie down

Everyone: The summons are all legends, I lie down


152 Chapters Ongoing Status


Story of: Everyone: The summons are all legends, I lie down

The game has come to the world, monsters and ferocious beasts are rampant, and there are countless secret realms and copies!

In order to resist monsters, everyone must change jobs to become professionals and upgrade like crazy!

On the day of transfer, Lin Beiye, who was the number one genius in the school, transferred to an ordinary summoner.

Just when everyone was sighing, Lin Beiye awakened his god-level talent - [Blessed by Luck]

[Blessed by Luck] Unlock the hidden attribute [Blessed by Luck] and be favored by luck!

Later, Lin Beiye looked at his summoned beast with a confused expression.

Where are the sharp-billed sparrows, powerful monkeys, and pig beasts that we talked about?

Why did he summon the Nine Nether Phoenix, the Nine-tailed Demon Fox, the Dark Dragon King, the Frost Dragon, the Twelve-Winged Seraph...?

And, as Lin Beiye's level continued to increase and he continued to change jobs, he found that things became more and more complicated!

Goddess of light and life! ?

When millions of monsters attack, humanity is in danger.

Lin Beiye, who was hugging him from left to right, frowned and waved.

The next second, an army of legendary summons that was vaster than millions of monsters appeared!


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