Hong Kong Film: Bringing Fishing Game to Hongxing!

Hong Kong Film: Bringing Fishing Game to Hongxing!


190 Chapters Ongoing Status


Li Longfei traveled to a world where Hong Kong films merged and became Hong Xing's favorite.

In this chaotic world, Li Longfei was very lucky that the eldest brother of the original owner of this body was Jiang Tiansheng, the leader of Hongxing, and he had a strong background.

What's even more fortunate is that the fishing game I loved most in my previous life actually traveled with me.

In the past, gold coins were dropped by fishing, but now rewards are dropped by fishing.

Others who traveled through Hong Kong were doing business and becoming tycoons. Li Longfei said that this was superfluous. If he wanted to be a tycoon, he could just catch a few more big fish! ! !

This novel is purely fictitious. Any similarities are purely coincidental and should not be imitated.


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