Honghuang: I, the son of Zulong, join the chat group

Honghuang: I, the son of Zulong, join the chat group


49 Chapters Ongoing Status


Ao Xin traveled to the prehistoric times, became the youngest son of the ancestral dragon, and obtained the full level of comprehension talent.

Measuring calamity and adding karma to your body? Unable to practice and unable to leave the sea?

Things fall apart at the beginning, what should I do? Can it only become a delicacy on the table of demons, gods and Buddhas?

Fortunately, Ao Xin was very lucky and successfully joined the chat group.

At this point, the future of the Dragon Clan has been rewritten!

Ao Xin broke through the boundaries with her heaven-defying understanding, added other worldly techniques, martial arts and the inheritance of the Dragon Ancestor, and practiced again to avoid the calamity karma.

[You use the world dragon technique of "Shading the Sky" "Dragon Essence Refining Technique", combined with the dragon clan's secret method "Dragon Yuan Strengthening Technique", and fuse it to obtain the practice technique "Dragon Clan Enlightenment Technique"! 】

[You use the "Small Wuxiang Kung" imitated martial arts in the "Tianlong" world, combined with the dragon clan's secret method "Dragon clan health-preserving secrets" to obtain the magical power of "All Dharmas Unify"! 】

[You use the world martial arts "Nine Yin Manual" and "Nine Yang Divine Skills" of "Yitian", combined with Taiqing Taoist Tai Chi's "Yin and Yang Harmony", to obtain the secret of the room...]

Nuwa:? ? ?

Hou Tu:? ? ?

Western Queen:? ? ?


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