I'm Really Not A Great Person

I'm Really Not A Great Person


163 Chapters Ongoing Status


Story of: I'm Really Not A Great Person

Ten years later, Diep Lam Phung passed through the aura recovery of the parallel world and was abandoned by the system, completely becoming an ordinary person.
Who knew, the dog he raised was actually the Divine Beast Unicorn.
He raises chickens and is called Phoenix.
The carp he raises is a golden dragon.
He planted a peach tree above, all of which are peach trees.
Conveniently painted a picture, it also contains the truth of martial arts.
Countless powerful people from all over the world cried out and wanted to become his disciples.
Countless beautiful saints cried out and wanted to marry him.
Regarding this, Diep Lam Phan had a confused face.
What's the situation?
I'm really not a great person.


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