Krillin: The Strongest Man on Earth

Krillin: The Strongest Man on Earth


56 Chapters Ongoing Status


When Colin woke up, he traveled through the Dragon Ball world and became Colin.

Colin couldn't help but panic. This is the Dragon Ball world whose combat power has collapsed. Could it be that he will become cannon fodder for worshiping the heavens again?

Klin sacrifices to heaven, his magic power is boundless!

At this moment, the strongest human system on earth is activated!

[After eating a meal, I gained a potential value of 100]

[Absorb meteorite energy and gain potential value of 1000]

[Swallow a planet and gain 10,000 potential points]

[Swallowing galaxies, gaining potential value 1,000,000]

The system can help the host improve its potential, constantly break the limits, and make endless improvements!

Defeating the frozen demon Frieza, Prince Vegeta, the pride of the Saiyans, continues to pursue Krillin's footsteps...

Krillin is the strongest person on earth!


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