Kumogakure forced me, and the Third Hokage persuaded me to die.

Kumogakure forced me, and the Third Hokage persuaded me to die.


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Hyuga Naraku traveled through the world of Naruto and became a member of the Hyuga branch.

In the 51st year of Konoha, the leader of the Kumogakure mission coveted Baiyan and failed to kidnap Hinata. He was captured on the spot, but committed suicide.

The Hyuga clan, who was supposed to be the victim, was bitten back by Kumogakure, forcing the Hyuga clan to hand over the murderer.

The Fourth Raikage: "If you don't hand over Hyuga Naraku, we will start a war!"

The Third Hokage, who fought internally and externally, persuaded Hyuga Naraku to sacrifice himself for the will of fire.

"There is no ninja in the village who can defeat the Fourth Raikage. Everyone hopes you can contribute."

"Your efforts are valuable. The fire will illuminate the village and make the new leaves sprout."

What the Third Hokage didn't know was that Hyuga Naraku had activated the god-level chakra system and added some Yin Escape chakra to the extreme, which could open the reincarnated eye!

Faced with the moral kidnapping of the Third Hokage, Hyuga Naraku resolutely responded:

"Kumogakure wants war? Then give them war!"


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