Pawnshop No. 8: Cheng Yushan comes to pawn himself

Pawnshop No. 8: Cheng Yushan comes to pawn himself


61 Chapters Ongoing Status


At No. 8 Pawn Shop, you can pawn gold, silver, jewelry, house title deeds, freedom, body, happiness, family affection, love, soul, etc.!

Qin Chu was originally just a pawnshop assistant, but he successfully rose to power after the civil war in the pawnshop.

But the pawn shop is polluted by the residual evil spirit, and only the truth, goodness and beauty of human beings can purify it.

Qin Chu had to reopen the business.

The first person to come to the door was Cheng Yushan, first pawning his freedom in exchange for the chance to leave, and then pawning his body in exchange for a prestigious university.

Later, Bian Xiaoxiao pawned her body in exchange for traffic and became a big internet celebrity.

Tan Xiaozhou and Sang Xia also came one after another.


Chen Nanxing pawned happiness in exchange for health.

Xu Hongdou pawned his love in exchange for freedom.

Zhu Suosuo pawned himself in exchange for huge wealth, and even asked Jiang Nansun to pawn with him.

Qiao Jingjing pawned her body in exchange for stardom.

Gu Senxiang, Zhou Linlin...

The heroines from many worlds walked into No. 8 Pawn Shop with desires, and the shop became busy.


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