Siheyuan: Billionaire First Blood Qin Huairu at the beginning

Siheyuan: Billionaire First Blood Qin Huairu at the beginning


66 Chapters Ongoing Status


Li Tianliang had just traveled through time and found a young Qin Huairu on his bed. After merging his memories, he discovered that he had been plotted against.

Qin Huairu, the original one who had a blind date with Jia Dongxu during the day, came to her bed at night.

The purpose is not only to save his two houses, but also to send him to prison, so that his work indicators will also be taken away by the beasts in the courtyard!

Li Tianliang simply refused to do anything, turned against the guest and directly took the original first-blood Qin Huairu, and snatched Jia Dongxu's wife with his backhand.

At the time when the system was awakening, he inherited his overseas grandfather’s billions in property.

With money, who would go to work?

What? You, Jia Dongxu, a first-level worker, earn nineteen and a half yuan per month? Isn’t it a problem to feed a family?

Seventy-five yuan a month for a sixth-level fitter? Do you look down upon the whole hospital?

Sorry, every hair on my body is worth more than yours!

You are not as good as a hair on my head!

However, the work quota cannot be wasted. Let Qin Huairu go to work to support me.

As for me? With a net worth of hundreds of millions, all in foreign exchange, the director of the steel rolling mill, the director of the subdistrict office, and the director of the police station all have to look at me and act with licking their faces!


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