The Hunter and the Mad Scientist

The Hunter and the Mad Scientist

The Huntress And The Mad Scientist 헌터와 매드 사이언티스트

7 Chapters Ongoing Status


[Count Avondale’s Mansion]

“Who are you……?”

“That’s what I want to ask you.”

She met a handsome blonde man upon opening a hidden episode and it turned out that he was a genius magic engineer who should have already died.

Esperanza fell 13 years back in time from the virtual reality game ‘Golden Claw’.

Suddenly, in a world without monsters, she became the strongest in the world and in order to return to her original world, she had to find the ‘Golden Claw’ to complete the quest…!

“Why would I dissect you? There is so much more that can be studied while you are alive.”

And her only helper keeps making creepy remarks.

“Then why don’t you give me a drop of blood? Just one drop.”

He’s trying to draw her blood.

Can she finish her quest successfully?

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