Tomb Raider: The Last of Zagrama

Tomb Raider: The Last of Zagrama


171 Chapters Ongoing Status


Traveling through the world of tomb robbers, Zhou He became the only surviving member of the Zagrama tribe, the last male.

Born with a pair of yin and yang eyes, with special powers, he is burdened with the curse of ghost eyes.

Come to Maoshan and learn Maoshan Taoism and Feng Shui techniques to make up for your shortcomings in moving mountains.

When he first entered the world, he discovered the nine-story demon tower, which shocked the domestic archaeological community.

He is the most famous legendary explorer and archaeologist at home and abroad.

Later, Heishui City of Xixia, Jingjue Ancient City, Longling Mysterious Grottoes, Yunnan Worm Valley, Nanhai Guixu...

In the world of martial arts, he is revered as the Zagrama clan, the strongest mountain mover born from thousands of years of luck.


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