Use martial arts to seek longevity

Use martial arts to seek longevity


75 Chapters Ongoing Status


Zhang Nanjun traveled through the world of mixed martial arts, gained super comprehension, and thus embarked on the road to eternal life.

What is the ultimate in martial arts?

It is immortal, it is eternal...

"The seventh level of the Great Shift of the Universe does not exist."

Zhang Nanjun: "It doesn't matter, just finish it."

"The Nine Yang Divine Art is difficult to perfect."

Zhang Nanjun: "It doesn't exist. Let's understand it perfectly in seven days."

"The Secret of Immortality cannot be practiced."

Zhang Nanjun: "Haha, who are you kidding? You can do this just by looking at it."

Zhang Nanjun said that it is not difficult for him to practice the exercises.

"What about the sword manual to ward off evil spirits?"

Zhang Nanjun: "..."

"It's not like you can't try..."

This book is also known as "Longevity Begins with Super Comprehension", "Zongwu: Demonic Transformation and Evil-Repelling Sword Manual", "My Comprehension Is Unnatural, I Just Want to Practice Hard", "Zongwu World Chasing Beauty"


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