Zombies: Twelve Talismans! Summon the Grandmaster at the beginning

Zombies: Twelve Talismans! Summon the Grandmaster at the beginning


58 Chapters Ongoing Status


Ling Yan was accidentally reborn in the zombie world and became Uncle Jiu's younger brother.

And awaken the twelve talismans system! Unlimited versions of twelve talisman abilities can be mobilized.

Unlimited version of twelve talismans, the power can be infinitely enhanced!

Ox Talisman: "Enhance your strength, the strongest can explode billions of times the physical strength! Can the zombie king move mountains? Ling Yan directly crushes the continent with one foot!"

Dog Talisman: "Immortal and will not be harmed by any form of damage! The universe will be destroyed without death!"

Horse Talisman: "Cure all things? Miss Ren, do you have dysmenorrhea? Let me come in and treat you."

Pig Talisman: "Thunder Talisman! After upgrading, you can control the thunder calamity of heaven and earth!"

Shi Jian: "No, how can your thunder method be more powerful than my lightning thunder fist?"

Sheep Talisman: "The soul can leave the body, wander around the world, and lead to the Yin and Yang worlds at will!"

Rat Talisman: "Resurrect the stone statue? Disciples welcome the Patriarch of Sanqing!!"


And the story had just begun, when Uncle Jiu looked at Maoshan Patriarch who was invited out by Ling Yan, he was so frightened that he knelt on the ground.

"Disciple Lin Fengjiao, pay homage to Maoshan Patriarch!!"


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