Create a rice trick at the beginning to heal players around the world

Create a rice trick at the beginning to heal players around the world


979 Chapters Ongoing Status


Lin Yuan traveled to a parallel world.

The technology here is highly developed, but the gaming industry is extremely backward.

Not only are all low-quality online games, but they are also all priced very high, making players miserable.

Lin Yuan’s Awakening Game Maker System, the novice gift package also comes with a Genshin Impact, making you an invincible start!

Although he owed the system one billion, he did not panic at all.

Lin Yuan directly established Mihuyou and released Genshin Impact, which is claimed to be a healing game.

Player A: “This style of painting, this music… playing Genshin Impact is simply a pleasure!”

Player C: “It’s so beautiful! It’s like traveling to a fantasy world. It’s so healing!”

Player B: “The quality of free games is inferior to paid games. I would like to call Boss Lin a philanthropist in the gaming industry!”

after a while.

In the scattered flowers: “I am like the dew in the morning…”

Lei Movie: “Why wasn’t I the one who came to Canria first?”

King Daci Shu: “Let the world forget me!”

Stanley, Mandrill, The Devil of Salt, Kitchen God, Zheping, Hua Sanli, Fu She…

One after another, warm and sunny stories have moved countless players to tears.

Players: “???”

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