Genshin Impact: Immortal Emperor I became a father in Teyvat

Genshin Impact: Immortal Emperor I became a father in Teyvat


55 Chapters Ongoing Status


Su Mo killed three hundred years of people in Liyue Port!

He was also harmed by women for three hundred years!

Known as: The kidney-deficient fish killer.

Three hundred years later, the system arrived and Su Mo became the Immortal Emperor!

He needs to collect worship points to find out who is the woman who has caused harm to him for three hundred years.

In order to collect the worship value, Su Mo went around Teyvat and acted as other people's master, adoptive father, and father...

In this way, you can gain a lot of adoration points.

Serving as a foster father to Navia, Navia said: "Father, with you here, it's as if my father is still here."

When she became Fu Nina's master, Fu Nina said: "Master, you are so powerful! Feng Dan can be saved!"

Being a father to Nacida, Nacida said: "Mother, King Daci Shu, my father will reunite us."

Keli said: "Mom, I found my father!"

Under Su Mo's guidance, the scattered soldiers succeeded in cultivating immortals and defeated Lei Movie!

The skirmisher said: "Baalzebul, I have become an immortal!"

"Baalzeb! I have a father! Whatever you can't give me, my father will give it to me!"


Until one day, she appeared...


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